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What does “Column names in .csv do not match the sensors you selected. (See QeexoAutoML_User_Guide)” mean?
Unable to perform Live Testing through Bluetooth connection. Error message shows “Bluetooth is not connected” even though the device is successfully paired.
Training is stuck on “Calculating Latency” after everything else is complete in the “Real-Time Training Progress” view.
Unable to skip the “Group Labels” step when starting a new training.
The “START NEW TRAINING” button is disabled and error shows “Training may not begin until the previous training or upload has completed.”
In the Models Page, “Latency” column shows “Error”.
I fail to start a new training and see “Insufficient amount of data”.
The button “FLASH DATA COLLECTION APP” is still greyed out and not clickable even though sensors have been selected.
The blue highlighted region on the visualized signal displayed during “Event” data recording does not cover the appropriate signal.
After collecting data, I cannot find it on the training page.
Why is the performance of my models unsatisfactory? What can I do to improve model accuracy?
Unable to flash Data Collection Application to the target hardware.
Unable to flash Data Collection Application or machine learning models to the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense.
The correct Qeexo Device Manager is added to Chrome Extensions, but I still get the “Chrome Extension Mismatch” error.
Connecting target device to a Macbook which has USB-C port through a USB-hub device doesn’t work.

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