With Whom We Partner:

At Qeexo, we have deep expertise in building machine learning solutions that have broad applications. As a result, we partner with a wide range of companies seeking insights from sensor and signal data. These include, but are not limited to:

Mobile and other touch device OEMs

Interested in one of our solutions like FingerSense or EarSense? Our products are deployed on tens of millions of devices worldwide and can dramatically improve the design and user experience of touch devices.

Sensor and IC vendors

We focus on obtaining meaningful and actionable insights from sensor data, and our solutions are lightweight enough to be deployed on a range of ICs.

IoT device companies

Let us add intelligence to your IoT device. Our lightweight, high-speed machine learning solutions run locally, without the latency typical of cloud-based ML solutions.

Automotive companies

From providing safer and more exciting in-dash experiences to obtaining knowledge from automobile sensors, our machine learning and user interface expertise has many applications in the automotive industry.

If your company does not fall into one of the categories listed above, but you want to use sensor data to gain insights and make better decisions, let us know.

Our Partners Include: