TouchTools allows users to instantly summon and manipulate virtual tools with ease and precision. Editing, creating, working, and collaborating on touch surfaces have never been so intuitive.

Forget Toolbars

With TouchTools, cumbersome toolbars are a thing of the past. Users need only to mimic the way they hold objects in the real world, place their hands on the screen, and TouchTools’ lightweight machine learning engine will choose the right virtual tools accordingly.
Digital Pen
Tape Measure
Screen Capture

From Tablets

to Touch Walls

TouchTools is compatible with any operating system and is designed for use with medium to large touch surfaces. TouchTools has applications in almost every environment, including tablets, automotive, education, and industrial.


Touch Computer

Large Touch Wall

Interactive Digital Signage


Enhance Collaboration

Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, TouchTools allows groups to collaborate and create easily and efficiently.
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